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I’ve got this dream that today’s generation is in the process of nurturing a widespread spiritual revolution.

We are the generation of tolerance, of activism, of reflection… we are post-modern, post-Western, post-Internet, post-privacy, post-globalization. In my vision, we could eventually become post-consumerist, post-Northern, post-war.

Our generation is marked by technological saturation, but not necessarily satisfaction. We have the impression that everything is attainable by science, and yet the mystery of happiness remains elusive. What does that mean? For me, it implies that we are on the brink of a grand, rapid, frightening and ultimately liberating disillusionment. It implies an imminent loss of trust in dishonest capitalism where true costs are rarely considered, and a questioning of the blind faith that many have placed in the buzz words “growth” and “development.” It implies a harsh realization that superiority, and even difference, are purely social constructs used to mask the fact that all humans are… human.

I’m hoping that this ideological implosion will give life to a phoenix of more intimate and sacred spiritual seeking. Imagine a Search that is as personal as it is interpersonal, a quest based on critical introspection that simultaneously recognizes and reveres the reflective capabilities of others, and which thrives on the pleasures of sharing this experience.

Are you ready?


Your Kitty

Images by Esther Simpson and Imbrettjackson

6 Responses to “No One Follow”
  1. Jeremy :) says:

    LET’S Go! :D ♥

  2. createh says:

    I literally read this and it blows my mind. Your writing is fantastimical. I made that up. It’s whimsical and fantastic at the same time.

    • yourkitty says:

      Dear Heather,

      Thank you so much for the support! You remain an inspiration in my newfound blogging career. :)

      Readers, be sure to check out her design blog Create H, as well! Find link on Oh My’s homepage.

      Your Kitty

  3. SimplyOSK says:

    As I read this I really had to think ” you have somewhat lost something in the search”. I think it has become trendy to bash science ( as it once was to bash numerous religions ) despite the fact that it does yield joy to those and function (your site) to others. The mystery of happiness will always be such sug because there is no unified theory or dogmatic law to discern what true happiness is. We have gone from stone slabs to I pads and the journey is still the same.

    We live life. It is a constant quest where friends are acquired and left, In life we don blinders and remove them constantly and without knowing. We will understand some, love many and never be aware of most and because of this your implosion is not terribly necessary.

    already questing sug nice to see you share yours
    your favorite devil Collander

    • yourkitty says:

      Dear SimplyOSK,
      You’re not the first to have understood my commentary as an apocalyptic warning against science.
      That was not, however, the intention I had when writing the article. Rather, I am grateful towards technological advances that have allowed us enough leisure time to think about more than just the organisation of daily life.
      This post was meant, in part, to give hommage to science – a way to say, “Thanks, buddy, I wouldn’t be here without you. But now I’ve got other things to move onto… wanna join me for the ride?”
      Neuroscientists around the world have been teaming up with the Dalai Lama and other Buddhist leaders to study the way that meditation affects humans physiologically, using ECGs to trace the electrical currents produced in different parts of the brain. Their findings are incredible and I won’t try to summarize them here, but basically, this shows that spirituality has begun to lead science in new directions, encouraging researchers to branch out into domains that would have been left to the philosophers not so many years ago.
      Technology goes hand in hand with my vision of a new spiritual/social revolution. I’ll be writing another article soon, to explore this partnership further.
      As always, thanks for your insight – you remain my favorite guru. ;)

      Your Kitty

  4. Your writing is absolutely amazing. You have a way of really putting your heart into the words you choose. Have you considered monetizing your blog with ads? I know there’s a lot of people who feel that ads take away from the design or realness of a blog, but I look at them as a way to turn blogging into a job or career.

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