Very Inspiring People


There are certain people who are so present in my daily life that they deserve recognition

for the continuous encouragement and inspiration that they offer.

Their names will probably pop up in posts from time to time, so here’s a chance to get familiar with them :


 Ok, so he’s hot. But that’s not all he’s got! Although admittedly his second love (trumped by his trusty BMX),

he treats his meuf with more TLC than any other introverted sociopath I’ve met.

Music of choice: psychedelic rock n’ roll. Drink of choice: whiskey. You’d almost think he were American…


Once upon a time, a girl met a girl. Instantly infatuated by each other, they decided to go steady (almost).

Typical dates include hookah sessions, long conversations about the afterlife and shopping for sequins.


Every once in a while, you meet someone who just gets you.

From fashion and fun to goals and values, the two of you agree on pretty much everything.

And when you don’t agree, you learn from each other.

Brittany and I met in rural New York, but if we live long enough (we’re slightly naïve), we’ll probably end up spending

our quarter-life crises together battling for women’s rights in a country with a long name.

Onward, lipstick-wearing comrads!


It was a brilliant night in Eastern Paris. The air was soft and warm, and leaning over the vertiginous balcony,

we could just make out the imposing shape of the Eiffel Tower as its punctual lights counted the hours.

Our glasses were full of tannic red wine that sensually stained our lips; the deep red seemed to match the heated words

of love that flowed from behind them. “Blood sister,” she whispered…


Do you feel comfortable partying, laughing, and discussing the meaning of life with your younger brother?

‘Cause I do.


With nothing more than a knowing glance, we can incite each other to engage in mindless and mind-numbing feats

that embarass or piss off the rest of our entourage.

Let me explain: I do something that is fucking stupid. She does something that is either equally or superiorly stupid.

We continue in this manner the entire evening, filming it in a low-quality video on a camera or cellphone,

then watch it the following morning and laugh at our immaturity for hours on end.

We’re good for one another.




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