Don’t Miss Out On… The Top Ten!

Sébastien Tellier


The top ten things

you need to know right now


Brought to you by Yours Truly

with thanks to Causette, Les Inrocks, and Animal

for giving me some ideas


10. Sébastien Tellier – Kilometer : This sexy French dude cracks me up. Watch him take the piss out of those big pimpin’ videos… Click here for hotties in grannie panties, dancing hot dogs, and Kanye-inspired sunglasses scenes… replaced by 3D throw-aways.

9. Rubber trailer – Mr Oizo : I’d seen this guy DJ at the Marsatac festival and had no idea that he also dabbled in film-making… until I saw a trailer to the soundtrack for his latest film. Rubber: a new-wave thriller about a killer car tire that rolls towards its victims to the sounds of experimental electro.

8. Wafaa Bilal – On privacy concerns and shit. NYU Tisch School of the Arts professor implants camera in the back of his head. Images will be broadcast to a museum in Qatar.

You can carry this much (2.5 oz) medical weed in Michigan.

7. Prop 19 – Yes, that shit was voted down, but we all know that it’s just a short matter of time before recreational marijuana use is legalized, rather than just widely available and tolerated. As it is, most Californians support the plant’s regulation and taxation; what’s left are the details of exactly how and by whom the process will be handled. Free spirits, stay tuned….

6. Why Plants Are (Usually) Better Than Drugs, by botanist Dr. Andrew Weil : Speaking of medicinal herbs, here is a logical and easy-to-understand argument for preferring nature to pharmaceutical concoctions. (In case we weren’t yet convinced that the med industry is fucking us silly.)

Ramayana animated series

5. The Ramayana cartoon series : Direct from India, these animated episodes depicting one Hinduism’s favorite tales are either amusing and sexist or extremely informational. (See Ram win a wife or learn the story of Shiva.)

We (Don't) Care Album Art

4. MGMT – We (Don’t) Care EP : While tried and true fans are more apt to benefit from this nostalgic trip back to the band’s first album, even curious newcomers might enjoy a listen. Discover the original recording of their hit single “Kids”… then be jealous that I scored a ticket to their sold-out show in Lyon. (Updates to follow.)

'Cause, you know, different private parts = different jobs

3. Women almost granted right to fair pay in America; Republicans say “no.”

2. Chen Jianping – This Chinese activist was sentenced to one year in a labor camp for having Tweeted an ironic message about Japanese protesters. Another point for the Government of China in its epic war on human rights.

Mister Gainsbourg with Jane Birkin

1. Serge Gainsbourg – The master of drunken and romantic ballads performs his famous and breath-taking rendition of Jacques Prévert’s poem “Les Feuilles Mortes”

Enjoy this list, and let me know what you guys think!

Have any suggestions for my next “Don’t Miss Out On” roundup? Leave your links in the comments below!


Your Kitty

7 Responses to “Don’t Miss Out On… The Top Ten!”
  1. chiclux says:

    lol thats a lot of weed you can carry. Interesting posts!

  2. wong de gaulle says:

    SERGE GAINSBOURG!!!! i have an album of his thats all like, experimental percussion, and his nose takes up like 3/4s of the cover

    • yourkitty says:

      He’s arguably THE best thing that’s ever happened to French music. Every fucking song is something special.
      Lol @ the nose; did you see his ears ? In France, they call him “cabbage-head man.” He’s known for being the ugliest dude ever to put to bed every one of his era’s greatest beauties. It must be those dope lyrics…

  3. wong de gaulle says:

    u talkin about jane b? her album cover is so much better looking than his LMAO. im sure youve seen his epic come on to whitney houston too

  4. Svitlana M says:

    Ugh, I wish they already legalized weed. And no, I don’t use it. Alcohol gives so much more harm to your body than weed, yet alcohol is the one that’s legal. Plus weed for medical purposes is really proven to help some people (said by same some people who suffered from various sicknesses and only weed helped to ease the pain better than prescription pain killers).

  5. Marianne says:

    For some reason I have an image of Serge as the elephant god Ganesh, using his nose to suck out the marijuana he accidentally dropped in the toaster.

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