Notes From My Nightstand : In Media Res


I’m an extremely avid consumer of most forms of media.

Blogs, online newspapers, print magazines and novels top the list, followed closely by films shown in independant theaters and less closely by Youtube videos of the political and comedic persuasions. I don’t own a television and I rarely listen to the radio, but I do play my favorite Led Zeppelin, Serge Gainsbourg, and Tupac albums on repeat.

Obviously, I participate in the creation of media, as well – even if its reach is limited to those that I unwittingly coerce into browsing my posts through offers of friendship and comments on their own blogs. (Those offers are sincere, by the way! Read me or don’t; I still love what you have to say.)

I’ve noticed that some bloggers have taken to writing posts based on the thematic interrogation, “What’s in my bag?”

And then they tell us what’s in their (Hermès/Eastpack/no-name/ indie) purse or messenger or backpack, listing items like Dior mascara and personal diaries/sketchbooks and Arcade Fire CDs.

I think it’s a fun idea for everyone involved. My favorite tales of luggage lost are the ones that involve humorous or ironic twists. Like the contraceptive pill lost deep in the lining of the Vuitton or the heap of moldy sandwich from yesteryear’s lunch. (Hey, Anne.)

So I decided I’d take the fad and shape it to my own (probably irrelevant and definitely arbitrary) preoccupations, which just happen to concern – tada – the heaps of printed media laying across from my pillow.

That’s right. In response to these bloggers’ rhetorical inquisition, I am in turn asking: “WHAT’S ON MY NIGHTSTAND?”

And now I’m gonna answer.

This is on my nightstand:

Now that you’ve seen a small sampling of the opinions and world-views that inspire my own, you should feel either more or less worried about the direction in which I’m leading your reflections.

To give some context and credibility to this out-of-context photo, it is worth noting that:

  • Causette is a French feminist magazine. In the US, I read Bust, and for those who are familiar with the latter publication, Causette is kinda like that, except smarter, deeper, and way cooler. But without the amazing sex stories at the end, which I really miss.
  • Unlike Causette, of which I make sure to purchase and read every issue, I’d lost touch with what had been going on in Vogue for about two years. I can’t remember the last time I bought one, French or otherwise, and the thing that made me grab this November edition is that it’s entitled “Love and Peace” and has an article related to a subject that I plan on tackling soon. I’ll say no more for now.
  • Les Inrocks is like France’s version of Rolling Stones Magazine, but with less in-depth interviews concerning heroin-imbibed musical heroes and more coverage of current affairs.
  • Reading Carlos Castaneda in translation is a bit of a shame, but I suppose if he was translating his accounts from Spanish in the first place, then French comes closer to the original original than English. (Wild justification.)
  • The tea is Earl Grey-flavored. In case you were wondering.

Anyway, now onto the main incentive of this pretty-much pointless post.

I’m holding my first giveaway!!!

And, fortunately for all of you, I’m broke, unsponsored, and do not know the right people. Sooo… this giveaway is going to be full of special, one-of-a-kind, heartfelt surprises that cost me little money and are proposed with incredible amounts of glee and love.

The package includes:

  1. The DVD that was offered with French Vogue’s November issue: “Vogue en coulisses : Les années Vogue 1920 – 2010,” a documentary tracing the magazine’s history over 90 years!
  2. An individual, hand-written love note from yours truly, containing doodles and rants that have not yet been conceived, and drawing upon your personal characteristics as a muse. Stamped, licked, and delivered with care directly from France!
  3. If you have a blog: guest-posting negotiations, if you’re interested. If you don’t or aren’t: a post dedicated to your outstanding qualities and any networking info you want to share. :)

Takers: All you’ve got to do is choose any post of mine and leave a thoughtful comment, along with your e-mail address. (Bonus point for those of you who get the pun in this post’s title.)

“‘Thoughtful’ is asking a little too much,” you say? Get creative. Even harsh, ego-smashing criticism can be thoughtful. So, go ahead. Speak your mind! You’ve got until I get bored with waiting, which means about a week or so.

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to choose the winner randomly or based on creativity/care. What do you all think?

On your marks, get set…


Your Kitty

Thumbnail image by Assassin Chen. Library image by Tom Mascardo

6 Responses to “Notes From My Nightstand : In Media Res”
  1. I completely detest your consumption of the Earl Grey tea; I find its existence owing to the drab and dullness of Englishism whilst the other present materiales are good cause to be eccentric and are thus acceptable. The tea should be rooibos, an oolong jade mix, or perhaps a local mix of pine needles and ginger. As to el escritor, your assumptions are correct; going to French is closer, not only in strict language form but also in mystique. Otherwise I find the mix interesante y chevere (cool).

    I would share with you my nightstand: The Illuminatus Trilogy; El Alquimista; La Caverna (although I admit it’s been hard to delve into); Atlas Shrugged (in response to the Illuminati Trilogy); a cup with “Schenectady” written on it; a fair trade Mexican made fabric; the notebook for my book\traveling journal; and currently ol’ Toby is not present (an Italian detective looking pipe) it is hidden beneath the grommit which my legs are resting upon.

  2. Olivia says:

    Jealous of all your French stuff. But then, I have v-necks, and you don’t…so, I guess we’re even? Haha.
    My night stand is mostly cat hair but there’s also a contact case, a pile of earrings and hair ties, and my World Religions textbook. Not too exciting. Is it sad that my bag is actually nearly identical?

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m going to comment because I’d love to win some love (and getting post is always fun) :)

    I’m quite jealous of what you’ve got on your night stand. Mine is quite boring compared to yours. I’ve got an alarm clock that disappoints me at night because the time is always in military time which I can just never get used to. A lamp that my wonderful neighbour Janice gave to me for FREE! (And when you aren’t getting paid till December, you want all the free stuff you can get!) Two HUGE 2 liter(litre) bottles of “Lemonade” (Tonic Water) and the WIDEST box of tissues I’ve ever seen. There is no reading material at all which is what I miss most about being home. I have no library within walking distance.

    Also-your mug TERRIFIES me. I have never ever liked skeletons (ask Kevin, it’s true, I hate walking past cemeteries at night for that reason alone.) I have never seen the movie and in fact, one time my friends tried to watch it and I camped out in the bathroom for half an hour till they turned it off.

    If I don’t win, I hope you were at least entertained by my comment, that’s fine too. :)

  4. Chuck says:

    I am going to put my thoughts into handy bullet points because my brain isn’t feeling up to intelligent continuous prose. Lucky you…

    > I am sure this is exactly what the classical epic poets had in mind.

    > I am impressed by the minimalism of your nightstand.

    > Causette looks amazing.

    > I love your commenters.

    > I also love your budget giveaway.

    > My bedside table contains: pretty magazines (lula, pop, tank), pretty suede wedge heels, all my jewellery in an unceremonious pile, my hairbrush (sadly underused), chocolate, moisturiser, Roderick Hudson by Henry James, a soup bowl made out of a coconut that is my preferred tea drinking vessel + dubious herbal tea, a Barcelona bookmark, a small plastic pig, some other crap…

    I now feel quite worn out. x

  5. Richard H. Davis says:

    My nightstand always has four bottles of “old people’s pills” plus tissues, three books (which I haven’t read), three giant containers of vitamins from Costco and usually a copy of the current issue of “The Nation” or “New Yorker.”

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