Marsatac Music Festival 2010

It was with pure luck that I ended up attending the 12th edition of Marseille’s legendary annual music festival. Marsatac: three nights of the latest and greatest artists on the indie, hip-hop and electro scenes, brought together from around the globe to keep our hearts and fists pumping against the Mistral winds, beneath the shelter of an oversized outdoor tent and … Continue reading

Les Bons Plans 07.10.10

Les bons plans du weekend du 7-9 Octobre.

Something Else

A gallery of Natalie Wood’s designs for Something Else.
Une collection d’images des créations vestimentaires de Natalie Wood.

No One Follow

Rather than the blind leading the blind, let’s all feel our way together.

Les Bons Plans 01.10.10

Les bons plans du weekend du 1-3 Octobre.

Twenty-Seven Albums

27 albums that changed the way I listened to music.

Rock Reincarnate

Street fashion album, Marseille.
Une collection de photos de mode prises à Marseille.

Un début imprévu… grâce à vous !

Spécial dédicace pour mes lecteurs !

Dear Teapartiers, please go teabag someone.

Earl Grey-flavored ponderings.

Je blog, donc je suis.

Your Kitty begins the blog and throws out some interesting reasons for doing so.