In My Shoes : Weekend Observations

November 2nd, I was feeling pretty bummed-out that I wasn’t voting in the American midterm elections. Next time, I promise I’ll get off my lazy ass and order an absentee ballot.

That being said… this weekend cheered me up quite a bit!

On Friday, Q and I attended the Marseille BMX competition “Appel de la Biche 3” as spectators.

The event was sponsored by Colony and Wethepeople bike companies, Soul magazine, and Frenchys Distribution, among others. Several of our friends participated, and the ambiance was easy-going and convivial.

Costumes were obligatory for the riders! I think my favorite part was watching a giant bear perform 180s off of the mini-ramp.



…The before and after of when it suddenly turned freezing cold!


Saturday evening, we finally had the chance to meet our next-door neighbors, a young married couple who invited us to a housewarming shindig. Everyone there was so friendly, the drinks and hors-d’oeuvres were exquisite, and we had an impromptu dance-party on the balcony! :)

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to bring my camera. :(

We ended our weekend with a trip to the cinema to see Kaboom, by Gregg Araki. The beginning of the film was extremely intriguing: I was pulled in by the suspense of the plot and the beauty of the images almost immediately.

The conclusion, however, was disappointing in a sloppy, hurried, and unsatisfying kind of way.

Without a doubt, the most note-worthy aspect of Araki’s work is his aptitude for creating supernatural and psychedelic sex scenes (see frame shot below), which were phenomenal. Unfortunately, I’m not sure they were enough to bump the film out of my “more-than-mediocre-but-not-really-incredible” category.


What I wore:

Gray pressed wool dress: Muji

Light gray parka : H&M

Silk scarf, woven around neck : Christian Lacroix

Fluo pink tights : Galleries Lafayette

Laced faux-fur boots : Bata

Organic cotton shopping bag, used as purse : H&M


That’s about all for the re-cap, friends.

Time for a snack and a nap, then maybe I’ll start contemplating subjects for a real article… hmm.


Your (extremely under-slept and perpetually nibbling) Kitty

2 Responses to “In My Shoes : Weekend Observations”
  1. Sounds like a fun night – cool tights!

    Aimee (darzy30) – swapbot
    Blog Comments

  2. Oh my gosh, could you be any more fashionable? I love the gray parka with the tights. Soooo pretty!

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