In My Shoes: Hello, Kitty

 No, this post is not about the beautifully-bowed kitten that we and our little nieces have grown to love.

Although – as a sucker for word play – I will share with you this fantastic outfit, stolen from a close friend’s brother’s adorable fiancée (hi, Amanda!):


Isn't she perfect???

But, seriously, digressions aside, I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself to you guys as a novice blogger, by way of a short photo diary. (For those of you who know me personally, this will serve as a makeshift update, since I don’t get to see you very often!)

This week, I’m in a pretty little city called Pau visiting with Quentin’s parents. It’s an absolutely gorgeous area, lovingly tucked in between the Pyrenees, the Atlantic ocean, and the Spanish border. Wild gardens of bright flowers and bristling palm trees are invigorated by views of the snow-capped mountain range glistening in the background.

Here’s a glimpse of my average day:


Looking out my window this morning, greeted by a gorgeous sunrise.




I put on slippers and drank my coffee next to the crackling fireplace.


Lovely friends Maxime and Astrid joined me in town.


Antoine and I made this bird out of old bread. (Now, that's talent.)


Went chestnut-picking with Quentin, then roasted them in the fire!


The curtained entry to Mama Q's room. Love this woman.


Well, folks, hope you enjoyed that! Now it’s time for some much-needed dreaming.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!


Your Kitty

5 Responses to “In My Shoes: Hello, Kitty”
  1. I could take some time to come up with other words or expressions, but it’s basic, I’m jealous…ha! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself and that you decided to stay there for longer…at times the French mystique calls to me as well, but of course I would have to learn French. Maybe I could just settle for Andora and speak Andorrian. Well, good tidings, MrBilliam.

  2. kelsmo says:

    hey there and thank you for your kind words. your blog is lovely, and maxime and astrid are adorable!! your average day is the equivalent of one of my best days, hahaha.
    to answer your questions: i took two types of cameras on this trip, one was a minolta gx9 from the 1960s (its my mums) and the other is an automatic olympus from the 90s. the lighting is all natural, shot in the morning. no fancy lenses or umbrellas needed, just classic black and white film and good lighting will give you that grainy effect.
    i really can’t wait to get out and do another shoot. this was a milestone for me; i feel a new passion in its very early stages!
    take care and keep in touch. im thankful for the feedback and its great to share ideas and tips with everyone.

  3. So Lucky!!! I’m almost jealous :)
    Pau is the nice city where you can enjoy many beautiful landscape…. Thanks for the pictures!
    Maxime and Astrid are adorable :)

  4. lovelifelies says:

    I am soooo jealous!, I love your life seriously. It’s absolutely beautiful…I’m sooo glad you share it. =)

  5. Lenne says:

    I think you live in a lovely place. Love the mood of all the photos! ♥

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