If I Were A Boy : Fenchurch

Happy 10th birthday!

Fenchurch was launched in 2000 by a group of friends who passed their days skateboarding and making their own clothes in London. Initially marketed almost exclusively to fans and practicers of skateboard and BMX, the label eventually grew to represent street fashion in a larger sense.

Here’s a display of some of my choice looks from the AW 2010 collection.


Your Kitty


Official Fenchurch Website

5 Responses to “If I Were A Boy : Fenchurch”
  1. createh says:

    i love that you now have the same layout as me! amazingggggggg! love you & your lovely blog

    • I’m not sure if the guy on the top is just raging or…who knows…the guy next to him is obviously chillin…otherwise cool stuff…have u checked out the stuff on unetees.com? It’s artist submitted shirts, definitely schweet.

      • yourkitty says:

        hey radical billy, thanks for the tip! i’ll definitely check out that site.
        as for the dudes above… i’m pretty sure the first one just snapped a fresh board… or discovered his best friend had been shagging his mom..

    • yourkitty says:

      =) yes! i tried a few before settling on Structure, which for me is clean, easy to navigate, and easy on the eyes. but what really won me over is the home page featured posts. i actually searched through all of the themes trying to find the same thing, but Structure is apparently the only one with this advantage. my one qualm is that it’s hard to change the text color and the posts don’t have a separate color background from the page. but i guess we can’t have it all! ;) much love <3

  2. HauteWorld says:

    I love how their collections have evolved. Friends of mine are huge fans – their jackets and tees are my favorites…

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