Marsatac Music Festival 2010

It was with pure luck that I ended up attending the 12th edition of Marseille’s legendary annual music festival.

Marsatac: three nights of the latest and greatest artists on the indie, hip-hop and electro scenes, brought together from around the globe to keep our hearts and fists pumping against the Mistral winds, beneath the shelter of an oversized outdoor tent and three high-tech music halls.

It wasn’t until the second day of the festival that I learned just how big of a deal it was: Friday night, Talib Kweli, a staple of New York’s hip-hop niche, was to share the stage with dozens of other rappers and DJs. I tried in vain to secure a ticket for that evening’s lineup, before resolving to at least make it for Saturday, the third and final night, which was to be dedicated to the vast realm of techno and other electronic sounds.

Samedi soir : I arrived at the venue, Friche la Belle de Mai, a half an hour before the gates opened, with no ticket in hand. To my delight, I was greeted by a handful of black-market vendors quarreling amongst themselves to offer me the most attractive price. There was a brief moment of anxious uncertainty as security scanned my illicit entry, but I successfully infiltrated the parameters and was even able to sneak in a cheap beer hidden at the bottom of my purse…

Now, I’m not one to shy away from social olympics, and arriving alone at such a monstrous gathering was like an invitation to try out every pick-up line and conversation-starter I’ve got. The place was teeming with free-spirited twenty-somethings and giddy teenagers getting high for the first few times. I chatted with twenty or thirty amazing people and met several groups of friends with whom I passed alternating hours of the night. Pour ceux que j’ai rencontrés, sachez que ça m’a fait plaisir !

The 10 hours that I passed at the festival were a glimpse of life as youth enjoys it, full of people joined in time by their words, their joints, their synchronized movements and their real love for music.

Hopefully you’ll get some pleasure out of viewing these photos and remembering a time when you were equally transported…


Your Kitty

4 Responses to “Marsatac Music Festival 2010”
  1. PuppyKilla says:

    Wow, sounds intense. I wish I could’ve got to a music festival this year, unfortunately a serious lack of money and time prevented me :( I like your photos by the way, the top one especially. You have a new subscriber :)

    • yourkitty says:

      Dear PuppyKilla,

      Thanks so much for the feedback! It was an amazing time. Many strange events occured : audience members jumped on stage naked and were handcuffed and carried away with their junk hanging out. One DJ did lines of cocaine on the turntable before delivering some incredible dubstep, and another drank 3 entire bottles of champagne during his set. What?
      I hear ya on the money situation, I hope you get the chance to attend a festival soon. Have you been before? I’d like to hear about your experiences.
      Thanks again and I look forward to continue reading your blog, as well. =)


      Your Kitty

      • PuppyKilla says:

        Nope, never been to one :( Been to a few amazing gigs though! I’ve got fresh Dubstep up on my site and a couple of interviews with unsigned producers. I am determined to get to a festival soon..!

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