Rock Reincarnate

So many styles and movements have been baptised “rock” that it’s impossible for me to have a clear impression of just what that means. The word brings to mind the jamming roots of Rythm n’ Blues, which are supposed to have inspired the genre’s earliest pioneers. Today, however, diversity reigns.

Here’s a sampling of Massilians trying on some of rock’s multiples faces. Enjoy!


Your Kitty

Glamour and Grunge

To the far left, our boy sports a polished, yet simple look: tightfit black jeans and blazing white kicks (to match that watch) topped by a hommage t-shirt, an over-the-shoulder bag, and a rosary chain. Trendy without overkill.

To the far right, two popular choices for French urban youth: a black-and-white checkered jacket and loud, monochrome shoes (in this case, red).

But the award goes to the female in this photo, whose get-up boasts just the right ratio of deliberate vs. improv. I can’t decide if I’d rather steal her sliced jeans or her mysterious ability to wear Hello Kitty products and still look badass. Her haircut is daring, although her beautiful bone structure makes it a breezy choice. Her makeup is impeccable. Hats off to you, my dear!

Rhymes with Rebellion

Now, I’d never wear this, but what I like about these folks is that they clearly don’t give a fuck what I think.

God is in the details: a spectrum of pretty blues on her, the flower brooches, skull-embellished belt buckle and lace on him. His tie is cleverly worn to the side, and her boots ressemble something that Rihanna might wear if she were an astronaut. Why the hell not?

L’Amour et la Violence

For all the fans of sadomasochism out there, here’s something to get your blood pumping. Apparently, using rounds of bullets as an accessory is a surefire way to attract sexy girls who listen to death metal.

One thing’s for sure: French girls love their boots. Here, the ones to the left are a variation of those worn in the photo above. (Props to Neil Armstrong, you’ve got followers.) On the right, a more classic look with faux-fur peeking out and just enough of a platform to give them military credibility.

The blond is a bombshell, and her front-zippered combi is the perfect one-piece: bold pattern, plenty of extra details (hip belt, pockets at the breast, waist and upper thighs), and just the right length to flatter those pretty legs… not to mention the clever cleavage.

On both girls, I’m loving the minimal makeup look. Bare nails and basic facials are the perfect complements to these fetish-friendly outfits.

As the saying goes: qui aime bien, châtie bien…

Coming soon: Photos taken at MARSATAC music festival!

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