Je blog, donc je suis.

A white sun embraces Vieux Port and heats the sea until it begins to boil; the crowded ruelles of the city market are punctuated by Arabic voices and the smell of molasses. France’s second-largest city boasts a truly distinctive atmosphere, worlds apart from the stoicism of Paris or the convenient clichés of rural Provence. But for whatever reason, Marseille’s contemporary cultural scene has remained largely underrepresented in the blogging world and by Internet users in general.

“So, what,” you might be thinking, “Who gives a flying f***?”

Well, I have several responses to offer.

  1. My self-important response: There must be something at least minimally inspiring about a place that can convince someone as un-tech-savvy and fad indifferent as I am to cross the threshold and begin a blog.
  2. My philanthropic response: You – the blog crawlers, the cultural critics, the trend-setters and trend-followers, the activists, the feminists, the bored and the musically inclined – have a right to know what’s going on. Marseille is in serious need of an organized alternative community!
  3. My whiny response: It’s just not fucking fair. Why should every other decent metropolis have the right to its own Face Hunter or Perez Hilton while good ol’ Marseille sits here choking on their collective technological dust?

I encourage you to consider this blog, as an extension of its author, as a fun fusion of progressive (read: left) American roots, a healthy sense of world citizenship, and a generous amount of raw French flavor. Things to look forward to: spotlights on stylists, musicians and other artists reigning from New York, L.A., Pau (France), London, Paris, Washington, DC., and, obviously, Massilia.

I’ll also be including info and reviews concerning events and hangout spots here in Marseille. For a quick peak at some of my choice locations, check out “Les Bonnes Adresses” at the top of the page. And if you’re a regular at any of these places, dress to impress, because I just might surprise you with my camera… FLASH!

With that introduction, I’d like to welcome you to join in on an experiment in time economics. The question is, how long will yours truly continue to post until either she succeeds in finding a job without a valid visa (shh!) or the French police find out where she’s hiding?


Your Kitty

Images by ~W~ and Syd Daoust

One Response to “Je blog, donc je suis.”
  1. J Billa Billa says:

    Me n Graham tried to get the radical corner (political analysis n stuffems, mainly anti-establishment, anti orthodox thought, etc.) going but with few peeps reading it we lost enthusiasm, goodluck with this and maybe we’ll try reving up the old blog again.

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